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Kata Intro

Kata Intro

Number of Participants: 16

Overall Challenges: Only half the participants had an IDE. 3 were non-developers. 2 were Java devs, the rest were C#. Started with everyone paired because of the IDE issue.

Session 1

Kata: FizzBuzz

1° Focus: Learn FizzBuzz

Time: 45 minutes

Summary: Half the class did console apps. Most got through FizzBuzz and had to give a couple additional challenges. Usual issues with prove to me you have working code. Challenged without a projector and was a little "dive right in" for an intro talk.

Session 2 (50 minutes)

Kata: FizzBuzz

1° Focus: Learn a testing framework

Summary: Most hadn't used a testing framework before and not having a projector forced me and two others to rotate around to help how to setup a test project. Some folks didn't start from scratch.

Session 3 (45 minutes)

Kata: FizzBuzz

1° Focus: Learn Test First TDD

Summary: Only one pair tried to not start from scratch. Participants found that it was better to organize their thoughts doing it this way. Better way to get all code under tests and limit from adding functionality that's not tested.

Session 4 (35 minutes)

Kata: FizzBuzz

1° Focus: Driver/Navigator

Summary: Two folks left before the end, one set decided to MOB with 4. I opted to put them into a 4 minute Mobbing drill (1 driver, 1 navigator, 2 watching - can't talk at all).

Thoughts: Used CodeRetreat style retros and liked that format (what went well? what did you learn? what will you do differently next session?). Quinn and Paige were great help. Nice to have others assisting. Always give at least 30 minutes ahead of time to make sure everything works and is setup. Overall no major surprises. The 4-hour Intro Session is definitely the way to go. From here on out with this group, it will be 1 hour Apprentice level work.

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