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By the Book TDD

Kata Level: 2

Kata: FizzBuzz

1° Focus: TDD By the book

Time: 60 minutes

Challenge: Back to basics, just focus on TDD. Started off with going over the 4 Rules of Kata. There are some folks that are not as proficient with TDD as others, so basic TDD practice...lets make some tools! For the pairs that have already made that tool, NO MOUSE! Keyboard only.

Result: Six pairs. Two of them did TDD, the other four were doing no keyboard.

Discussions: Great discussion about the naming of the first test (given an int, return string of that int). Some questions about "how perfect" and "strict" do we need to be. Reminded me to reiterate about what makes effective Deliberate Practice; Motivation to attend, must exert effort to improve, exercise must take pre-existing knowledge into account, receive immediate feedback and repetition. We also talked about behaviourism thought about the Learning-Performance distinction and then finally about tool creation. Essentially hit on the three core driving principles of Kata. Great stuff.

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